Cop Cameras

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Superior picture quality with 18 Mega Pixel recording through a wide angle lens. Includes Infrared night vision. One touch recording with 15 second pre-recording. Records and stores video and clear audio. 8 hours of continuous recording time on each charge. 120 hours of standby charge. IP67 weather protection and 10 foot drop protection.


SWBWC-2 Specs
SWBWC-X2 Most Stable & Reliable Specs
SWBWC-X3 Tiniest & Lightest Ever Specs
SWBWC-X4 Multifunctional with Built-In GPS Specs
SWDMT-K2 iPod Player covert camera adjusts for BNC, TVI, AHD, CVI Specs
SWHDA-S301 Flexible mini camera. Water proof with night vision Specs
SWHDA-S303 Flexible mini camera. Water proof with night vision. 160 degree wide view angle Specs


SWDMT-K2 Data management terminal. Holds up to 22 body cameras at one time and transmits data at high speed. Specs
SWHDA-S602 Head POV, recording what the eyes can see Specs