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Orwell’s 1984 & Today (Are We There Yet?)

By Barry Levine, Founder & CEO of Sperry West®. An extremely imaginative George Orwell, published his famous book, 1984, in England in 1949 and it remains a classic to this day. The societal theme of the book was probably patterned from Stalin era Russia and brought to the extreme. The only video cameras at the […]

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Typically, a problem occurs, such as theft, illegal entry, harassment, or vandalism and when it happens again, one or more covert cameras are employed to record a perpetrator. Often it works, but it may take time as well as even the relocation of covert cameras. Most employee thieves know exactly where overt, normal cameras are […]

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Don’t use covert cameras unless——

We all know that covert cameras and systems can help catch criminals, but with what results? If you plan to use covert technology, are you prepared for the consequences of your success? That’s right, “success” not failure. What if you record a crime taking place and recognize the perpetrator? What next? What policy does your […]

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